Better visibility, higher sales, customer recognition- all with Baithe Baithe

Customers weigh several elements when selecting where to host an event. But what do they value most when making their decision? Well there are many factors however the few most crucial factors are – Location, Accessibility, Food & beverage &Technology.

Today’s customer is very well travelled, focused, well-read individual and above all they value both time and money. They already come prepared before they put their finger on A venue. Ideally where would one search for a good venue for their event? Internet, go physically to that destination? Most of the occasions, we spent time searching for destinations and venues on the computer or rather in simple words we google it and perhaps towards the final stage we might go to the venue to close the finer details.

But if your venue is not even featuring anywhere, you did not spend enough on marketing and hence whether it’s with google or any other site, when one types your venue name, some other name pops up but not your first. All SEOs need good financial investment.

Marketing your venue well or in other words ensuring that it has adequate presence needs heavy budgets. What if the you had a platform where you could load your entire venue profile – pictures, layouts, videos and much more with hardly any money to spend. Listing your venue with Baithe Baithe which is the perfect online service for booking venues, you will gift yourself a whole goodie bag of benefits.


  1. Online Booking: It is the only online service which enables people to find the availability, blocking and booking of venues and across multiple cities on a real-time basis. 
  2. Upload photos & Videos: You can upload all your venue’s information such as their pictures, layouts, videos, catering menu. Customers can view all this information and make their decisions
  3. Latest deals/offers and last minute bargains: All your pricing or special seasonal pricing can be uploaded on the system
  4. Category Selection: Choose what events you want to host across a spectrum of options
  5. Digital Footprint: Communicate and popularize your brand to maximize your bookings and increase revenues
  6. Automated Process: Exploit all the MIS generated by Baithe Baithe to your advantage. Detailed MIS will not only provide you in depth information about the type of clients coming to your venue- demographic profile but also provide you with other reports such as type of events booked, no. of enquiries received for your venue and much more.
  7. Enhance sales and revenue: With such plethora of data you can make more strategic selling.
  8. More visibility, enhance enquiries and higher business conversion: Obviously when you get a PAN India showcasing of your venue with Baithe Baithe, enquiries will only pour in. With increased no. of leads, there will be more conversion of business and hence increased revenue for your company.


So, there is no iota of doubt that with Baithe Baithe, you will not have a better visibility, higher sales but also high customer recognition.

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