Baithe Baithe: Your Venue Marketing Partner

Every company aspires to attract the correct niche market for themselves irrespective of what they are selling. Proper or correct positioning is very critical aspect to ensure long-term success for the company. Reaching out to the right people, creating awareness is of utmost importance too.

Many of us sometimes don’t get it right and hence our business suffers. Let’s take an example of the catering spaces. We may not want to do all kind of events and perhaps would want to be choosy, we may want to do only weddings and no conferences. But firstly, are people even aware of the existence of your venue, or even aware of what are the USPs of the place. In case your answer here is no, then well it will reflect in your revenue figures.

If one was running a catering space, one should embrace Baithe Baithe as their venue marketing partner.

Let’s look at some of the reasons as to why:

  • More visibility, higher brand recognition: PAN India showcasing of your venue, broader reach, more recognition
  • Digital Footprint: Communicate and popularize your brand to maximize your bookings and increase revenues
  • Category Selection: Choose what events you want to host across a spectrum of options
  • Upload photos & Videos: You can upload all your venue’s information such as their pictures, layouts, videos, catering menu. Customers can view all this information and make their decisions
  • Online Booking: It is the only online service which enables people to find the availability, blocking and booking of venues and across multiple cities on a real-time basis. 
  • Latest deals/offers and last minute bargains: All your pricing or special seasonal pricing can be uploaded on the system.
  • Automated Process: There is a vast MIS generated by Baithe Baithe which you can use to your advantage. Detailed MIS will not only provide you in depth information about demographic profile of the client but also provide you with other reports such as type of events booked, no. of enquiries received for your venue and much more.
  • Enhance sales and revenue: With such plethora of data you can make more strategic selling.
  • Saves Marketing cost: It’s hardly any investment for benefits that one gets in making Baithe Baithe their venue marketing partner.

The most important factor here is that all the above and more benefits comes at hardly at any cost as compared to what lot of marketing company charge for these functions.

There are very affordable packages available with Baithe Baithe and according to your requirement, you can choose what you want. Some of the packages are mentioned below:

  1. Pro: which includes the following benefits
      1. Booking Software
      2. Upload Photos & Videos
      3. Integrated Vendor Ecosystem
      4. Basic MIS
  2. Advance: which includes the following benefits
      1. Booking Software
      2. Upload Photos & Videos
      3. Integrated Vendor Ecosystem
      4. Basic MIS
      5. Dedicated Web Page
      6. Deals
      7. Surge Pricing
      8. Multi User Login
      9. Co-Branded Activities
      10. Social Media Presence
      11. Professionally Written Blog
      12. Advanced Analytics
      13. Transaction Charges


Baithe Baithe has several plans, with price varying mainly depending on the number of products available. They even have a Free Trial process which lets you try all their features for free for 30 days. Making Baithe Baithe your new venue marketing partner, you not only will save on huge marketing cost but surely gain more visibility, increase your reach in the market and cherry on the cake is that you get the right clientele.


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