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Can imagine a day without your phone? Technology is part of daily life now and with time more and more people are getting used to it. Whether its phones, tabs, IPad- every child or adult are hooked on to gadgets. Technology is also making our lives simple if it’s used in a correct manner. Today so many things get done online, like shopping, buying books, internet banking (earlier we would visit banks to do our tasks), pay your various bills like of telephone, electricity. So many applications have been developed to enable us to make our many tasks simple such as we can book a restaurant (post checking reviews on Zomato), to book a cab we could use Uber which earlier used to be the yellow and black cabs, various shopping apps. are there and finally now we could also book venues for wedding or conference or any other celebration on Baithe Baithe.

Generally, people would say its simpler than its said but here its genuinely as simple as its said or sounds. Baithe Baithe is a fantabulous online venue booking service that will make you forget all the stress that one goes through generally when one tries to book a venue for an event.

  1. The only Online Booking Facility: It is the only online service which enables people to find the availability, blocking and booking of venues and across multiple cities on a real-time basis. 
  2. Access to detailed info: One gets access to the complete information about the venue such as their pictures/videos, floor plans/layouts, menu, deals/offers and last minute bargains.
  3. You don’t have to really step out: Without really stepping out and going through those tedious process of site inspections of the venues, meetings with venue reps you can select the hotels/venues for your next meeting or perhaps even book it.
  4. What fits your bill: With this plethora of information available to you, you surely can decide that which hotel or meeting venue fits your bill as Baithe Baithe will not only give you access to the complete profile of the venue (pictures, floor plans) but also their price points or deals or special offers. Being aware of the pricing prior always puts you in an advantageous position.
  5. Aesthetics & Ambiance: One can make a more informed decision when you have all the information available at your fingertips. So, pictures and floor plans or layout give you an idea regarding the interior and ambiance of the place and therefore you could decide whether it suits the requirement of your event or not.
  6. Menu Selection: Detailing the food and beverage becomes easy as the list of menus will already be available to you. You can choose the type of cuisine depending on your guest’s preference.

So now that you have almost every information that you need to select the venue for your event, you can block the venue online with Baithe Baithe. You need not even visit the venue. It is indeed that simple!

Really, with this unique digital online platform your event venue search will become completely easy and simple. Embrace technology, let’s do things differently. Let’s think out of the box with Baithe Baithe.


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