Innovative meeting solutions

Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress. The art of planning innovative meetings continues to evolve with new technology, a growing competitive landscape and an emerging millennial customer base that seeks connectivity, culture and collaboration.


Meeting planners are now encouraged to take a multidisciplinary approach in engaging attendees purposefully, keeping in mind that people learn in different ways, to craft personalized meeting experiences.


It is amazing to see the variety of innovative ways of how the meetings are done today. Let’s look at some great ideas:

  1. Innovation hubs: They are becoming popular setups to bring people from different perspectives together in a communal space. Innovation hubs are popping up in metro areas all over the world as companies look to provide more casual, impromptu spaces for employees to share and develop new ideas and projects, used to brainstorm, create and plan on their own or with a group.
  2. Colourful lighting: It is important that the event atmosphere is visually attractive, thought-provoking and interactive. Captivating motion graphics, colourful lighting, appealing projection and styling techniques are some new things to do like was done in Singapore Night festival.
  3. Interactive backdrops: Digital banners, wide screens, hexagonal panels, 2-D or 3-D scenic panels, or mega curved screens to project your message is a new innovative way to do backdrops now a days along with the brand new interactive screen backdrops concept.
  4. Tantalizing taste buds:  Personalize the culinary experience and let the smorgasbord of food bring out the event’s brand and theme for maximum impact. Borrow from the indulgence of the annual Singapore Food Festival, which envelops participants’ senses with unique culinary experiences, local chef collaborations and workshops that showcase the city’s rich heritage and culture. E.g. Marriott offers fresh seasonal harvests, farm-to-table eating, tapas, build-it-yourself plates and dessert takeaways, as well as traditional small bites.
  5. Using Props during event: It’s a great idea to use one or two props. They can help you make sessions more interactive, encourage attendees to snap a memory, or maybe even tell a story. E.g. make noise with clackers, these types of gizmos and gadgets can double as takeaways (with your branding, too!). 
  6. Creative session breaks: Time during the breaks can be put to good use. Set up fun booths and out-of-the-box food and beverage stations to keep your attendees entertained. Invite chefs to turn food into art or hold live cooking sessions educating guests on food sustainability. Guide them along an adventurous journey or spark the match of curiosity by creating fun experiences at these stations.


Whether its Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton, Taj, Oberoi or any other brand, everyone is today trying to do things out of the box and bring in creativity and innovation in every meeting. It could be the way they do signage for food, lighting, food and beverage, set ups etc. E.G. London Marriott Hotel Kensington did something different during a meeting, they made mealtime interactive with QR codes that gave attendees more information.


@ Hilton they do meetings simplified packages where the focus is that delegates feel fully recharged and focused on their intense agenda ahead with free flowing food and drink options, all day long. E.g. hydration stations, super foods etc. No customer today likes the mundane meeting style. Innovation and creativity is part of daily lifestyle.

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