Are you sure that your venue is getting the proper recognition?

Running a catering facility or a banquet hall can be really profitable but is not that simple. Some people struggle to even have it filled all throughout the year especially when in India, weddings don’t happen in all seasons.
The reason for not making enough money or profit in a catering space, often is blamed on various factors however we sometimes miss out on the basic. The basic here would be the marketing of the venue. Are customers even aware that your venue exists, its; unique selling points, capacity, location etc. If people are not even aware that this place exists, how will you even get an inquiry?
Hence visibility or in other words awareness of the venue is of utmost importance. As a venue owner, one must make sure that customers are aware of your property/venue. It is only then, a customer will walk in and this would lead to higher leads and eventually would lead to an increment in revenue figures.
Well, it is true that marketing on various platforms today is an expensive affair.
Hence sometimes we stay away from such expenses as maybe one does not have such large budgets or can be other reasons. There are many ways of creating awareness of the venue such as various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, C-events, putting billboards in the city, telemarketing, distributing brochures/pamphlets, property sales team and many more such other methods. All of this requires a good amount of financial investment or in other words, you must have an adequate budget.
What if we had a platform where you as a venue owner could showcase your facility and you hardly had to invest anything. Not only that, customers could book online and it would save you time and effort.

Baithe Baithe gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase your venue and get proper recognition. All of this is available to you with hardly any huge money spent.

Baithe Baithe is an interactive platform which lets venue owners, service providers, and customers plan their event together. It is the only online service which allows people to find the availability, blocking and booking of venues like yours across multiple cities on a real-time basis.
As the venue owner, you will save yourself from tedious paperwork required to do for the bookings, last minute cancellations, vacant spaces, and a queue of unconfirmed visitors! Baithe Baithe’s unique digital platform enables the venue owner to offer a comprehensive look and feel of their own venue. One can upload pictures, floor plans, list specifications, catering menu, slots, deals/offers, and last-minute bargains.
This means that at the same time, multiple customers can view your facility and services. Customers can make online bookings and block the space with you, without visiting the property also.
A PAN India coverage, online booking facility for the customer, venue owner can upload pictures and profile of space/venue, enhanced lead generation, higher conversion of business and most importantly increase in sales or revenue. There is more to it, Baithe Baithe will also support the venue owner with real-time MIS or in simpler words variety of data analysis to help the venue owner understand the booking trends, type of customers his venue is getting, peak periods or seasons or days and the list goes on. All of this data will not only help the venue owner in making more informed decisions however he will be able to do the more strategic selling.

As H. Jackson Brown Jr. said “the best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today” so we must take advantage of this wonderful digital platform and showcase your venue with Baithe Baithe. Your venue really deserves the best.

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