How to engage with your customer

It is said that it takes months to find a customer and seconds to lose. In today’s time when a customer has access to a plethora of choices when it comes to venue selections for their events, it has become all the more important to enhance customer engagement.

Whether it’s a wedding reception, business meeting, child’s birthday party or any other occasion, a customer inspects multiple venues, their facilities and then finally decides on one particular venue. With so many choices available to him, how does a particular venue stand out? The answer to this question will be – customer engagement and of course creating a memorable experience for them.

  1. In Person Meetings: There are many ways to engage with a customer today but nothing will surpass having a personal relationship with your customer. You need to form a personal relationship with your biggest customers and you also need to use in-person meetings to develop your future customers. You simply cannot create a truly engaging relationship with your customers without meeting them in person.
  2. Keep the conversation going: A very important and key part of a successful event is a strong customer relationship. Good customer service is an ongoing process. It doesn’t start with the first conversation that one has with the customer or end with the resolution of their complaint. Rather, every interaction you have with a customer, from the point of contact to the point of execution of the event, are opportunities to deliver a great customer experience and to improve customer satisfaction.
  3. Social Media: In today’s time we can interact with people on multiple platforms so they can engage with you where they feel most comfortable. This is a great way to ensure that you will build a strong community full of engaged customers.
  4. Offer Real value: It’s also important to offer customers real value. And that offer or deal must be genuinely useful to your customers for it to be a meaningful engagement strategy. To able to offer customers real value, you must understand their needs and wants.
  5. Genuinely listen to your customers: It is important that you are truly listening to your customers in order to create the right engagement. While it can be hard to hear sometimes, honest negative customer feedback can be one of the most important drivers for a change in an organization.
  6. Inspire People: People value information and the convenience and definitely they want to be inspired. This is another way to engage your customers. Inspire them by sharing your brand’s vision. Corning, a glass company, put out a video called “A Day Made of Glass,” which showcases the inspiring possibilities of a day in the near future when the high-tech glass it produces is in the homes and offices of everyday customers. Basically, they tried to paint a picture of the future that is inspiring and shows that customer plays an important role in that future. 
  7. Personalize your customer communication: Be aware of customer likes and dislikes. Use this information while communicating with the customers. It could be wishing them on their birthdays or on any other occasion or even during simple communication, these details always help in creating a lasting impression and assists in engaging genuinely with the customers.

Genuine customer engagement will lead to loyal customers and it is said that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.


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