Meetings start with a little imagination

Some esteemed organizations have to say that “meetings are just more than chairs and tables”. Indeed, that’s a very apt statement. As today it is just not doing a great event or meeting but delivering a memorable experience.
Hence the first step towards creating such an extraordinary experience would be:
A. To meet the people, understand their needs and wants or in other words the purpose of the meeting or the event. There are so many purposes for which today a meeting gets organized such as to conduct a training, to honour an accomplishment, an ideation or a celebration, a convention or the
B. The other aspects to keep in mind while we are orchestrating a successful meeting is the culinary wizardry
C. The correct choice of music
D. Background decoration and props
E. Digital tools
They key lies to understand the purpose and then to create an experience.
Traditional boardroom-style meetings are boring and out, according to an American
Express report. What’s in are:
1. Unique venues with a “wow” factor where guests can mingle and participate in activities. A multipurpose billiards lounge or specialty bar can be transformed into an intimate space for your guests to mingle and join in activities in a particularly memorable way that can jog new mental connections and increase engagement.
2. Foods that cater to the specific diets and tone of the event help to heighten the moods and increase energy levels of attendees, which makes it easier for any information given during the meeting to be fully digested, so to speak. Translate that sensibility to your meetings and get creative by crafting
interactive food and beverage experiences. Wine and chocolate tastings are sure to be remembered as highlights; custom drink mixers and culinary demonstrations add to the fun.
3. People don’t want to sit in a vacuum and are yearning for authenticity in all that they touch. The promise of a “locavore” experience gives attendees something to look forward to; after the event has wrapped, it gives them something to “write home about.”
4. New Lighting techniques: Everyone is aware that first impressions really count. The key factor here is to spark the delegates’ senses. To kick off a meeting on the right note, ensure that the event atmosphere is visually attractive, thought-provoking and interactive. Inject a burst of energy with captivating motion graphics, colorful lighting, appealing projection, and styling techniques.
5. Stage Designs: Unleash your attendees’ imaginations with stage designs. Try incorporating digital banners, wide screens, hexagonal panels, 2-D or 3-D scenic panels, or mega curved screens to project your message in an unforgettable way. Take it one step further and blow your attendees away by implementing a series of interactive screen backdrops that change after each break.
6. Pair your mise-en-scène with themed activities to create an immersive experience, as at the internationally acclaimed Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2018, where participants can enter the cupping room to experience a sensory journey of the coffee bean, from grinding the beans to sampling the

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